Tuesday, July 29, 2008

saddle up

This year we were lucky enough to be in Europe twice: a wedding in Paris and then in Rome. We couldn't resist spending more than just a short weekend, when from Seattle, it takes...well, let's just say a full day and night to cross over all the states and the Atlantic sea. Of course, this journey is well worth the bad food and turbulence once you are standing in front of the Arc De Triumph or blissfully tunneling your way through a canopy of trees in the South of France on bikes; passing small rural villas and sampling the local fair along the way. Schucks -I must add it was a swell trip all around.

First we start in NYC. Anytime we fly over seas, it seems that this has been our international gateway. Jesse and I have turned this into a 3 night all inclusive binge of friends, food, shopping and bar hopping on bikes. I heart NYC.

I don't think anyone should visit Paris without having a feast of wine and cheese under the Eiffel with your friends. You can always steal a soccer ball from some locals playing near by. Try throwing the ball at the tower itself. I can almost promise you'll get a reaction similar to ours. Ah...memories.
beer and chocolate...hmmm

Jesse - you looked so excited.

Monday, July 7, 2008

a trip home.

This summer I traveled back to where I came from....the south; more specifically...South Carolina. Hot, humid and mosquito ridden - these pictures are only surface observations but I'll be making a long project out this as I see my family at least twice a year.