Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Julie + Joshua } Engaged

Really, all I can say about this is... I am so unbelievably excited for France. We are gonna make magic together. You are both amazing and fun and my type of people. Hopefully, I will see you both before the end of September. Joshua, um... really want to hear that voice of yours so let me know what's coming up.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Deanna + Mark } Engaged

I'm so happy we finally made this happen. I can't believe the wedding is just around the corner. I'm so excited for the big day because it is going to be so. much. fun! wooohooo!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Seth + Jared } Green's and Laszlo's

Seth & Jared, your wedding was one of the best starts to, what is hopefully going to be, a great wedding season. If the rest of my 2012 clients are half as awesome as the two of you than I feel like a pretty lucky lady. Honestly, I really feel privileged to have worked with you both. You seriously have an amazing family and a *very* good-looking group of friends, they all smell really nice too. :)

Please come visit so we can grab a drink. I happily embrace all the positive people in my life that love good food, partake in daytime wine drinking and consider a "Marie Antoinette" themed-photo-shoot a really good afternoon.  xoxo

The Goodies...
Seth, Jared and friends spent the weekend at The Chateau Tivoli
Ceremony and brunch was held at Green's.  Ashley Pier was the amazing coordinator!
After party at Laszlo's
The cake was from Sweet Dream Cakery
Outfits. (because they looked fabulous!)
Jared wore Dolce and Gabanna, John Varvatos USA shoes, and Happy Socks.
Seth wore Paul Smith, To Boot New York shoes, and Happy Socks

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Everyone one is Arnold.

We made it to Big Tree State Park. I didn't know if the Trooper would make it but we got there. There were big trees. We looked for big foot. Thinking for sure if he existed we would be the first to get a photo of him (or her). When we didn't we decide to make our own in the shadows of the trees. This actually didn't work. So if you own a furry suit, of any kind, I'd love to purchase this for next time. :)


Mel and Greg } photo + cinema = magic!

My boyfriend Tony & I have combined our creative talents! With our mutual love for capturing moments through photography and video, we work together to tell the complete story.  Because we know, it can all end up one-big-incredible-blur. We find the best imagery comes by letting couples be themselves and show the love that is genuinely theirs. Our hope is to capture these moments honestly and form real friendships along the way.

With all that said... this is our first collaboration. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!
On a dim, breezy day, Greg married his darling Mel underneath the Bay Bridge. Complete with their closest family, friends and a dozen bicycles, their wedding didn’t need anything more: the bay breeze, the gorgeous cityscape, the incredible food and a perfect little cake from Miette. Mel and Greg love cycling so much they’re on a tour de Europe as we speak. You guys are awesome! Come back to us one day!

GREG & MEL from tony benna on Vimeo.

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