Sunday, November 30, 2008

let 'em play

One of my favorite things is to meet new kids (especially the unspoiled lovable ones). Lucky for me, this year was full of fun, charismatic, kind and loving kids. I've been shooting several families for years - documenting their lives a few hours once each year, watching them grow into well...older kids. Here are some of my favorite shots of '08.

when the snowman arrives...we'll be ready.

The unfortunate thing about life in the NW is the amount of wet rain/snow it receives. Think 4/5 months of wet saturated earth. Keeping the wood floors clean is an ongoing battle here in winter. Now that we are privy to this soggy dilemma we'll be ready. Good thing I'm dating a handy man. Saffron - get to work!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

now that I've been, I can call it ROMA!

I've come to question why the capital of Italy, known to its 4 million inhabitants as Roma, is described mostly as the city of love, fountains and baroque architecture...what about all the other glorious gems one can find wondering the streets alone with a camera in one hand and a gelato in the other? that would be me.

Of course you don't travel over the Atlantic and navigate all the way to Roma without taking a picture of the Coliseum. do you?

or the Pantheon.

This was actually an image from a wedding I shot from a church literally a tennis ball's throw from the Vatican. - pretty special friends.

On another note...if you haven't heard already Google Earth has recently released a 3D model which allows users the chance to visit a virtual ancient Rome. Find out more here.

Monday, November 10, 2008

out with a friend

This is Ms. Saffron. She luvs to hike, eat and take poops. She will always go out in any weather and doesn't complain about how cold her little paws get. I'm a big fan.

I can see you over there.