Saturday, November 22, 2008

now that I've been, I can call it ROMA!

I've come to question why the capital of Italy, known to its 4 million inhabitants as Roma, is described mostly as the city of love, fountains and baroque architecture...what about all the other glorious gems one can find wondering the streets alone with a camera in one hand and a gelato in the other? that would be me.

Of course you don't travel over the Atlantic and navigate all the way to Roma without taking a picture of the Coliseum. do you?

or the Pantheon.

This was actually an image from a wedding I shot from a church literally a tennis ball's throw from the Vatican. - pretty special friends.

On another note...if you haven't heard already Google Earth has recently released a 3D model which allows users the chance to visit a virtual ancient Rome. Find out more here.