Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bobby and Steff

Just want to say thanks for letting Molly and I be apart of the festivities. Honestly, such a unique and special wedding. Your family and friends were so awesome and I have this great memory of you and Steff skipping through the day. You guys are going to have an amazing life together. I can tell. I like to call my self an expert now. I know, i know. It's a gift. But you guys have it. Hope we get to hang with you both again soon. Salute.

You can see Bobby and Steff's webshow here.

Court and John and the mansion

I could photograph Courtenay and John over and over again. One night at the mansion turned into a fun party with friends laughing and goofing around a lot. It's a great friendship. Many more shoots to come. I know this. Can't wait to hang with you guys in sf. love and love.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nicole + Devin

Fabulous wedding, fabulous couple. Hope you guys enjoyed your honeymoon in Vegas! Enjoy the photos.

You can see your webshow here.