Friday, May 10, 2013

Dan + Jennifer } Tilden Park, Berkeley

Hey Newlyweds, I really just want to say thanks for letting Lauren and I be apart of the festivities. Honestly, such a unique and special wedding. I loved how you played some of the best dance scenes overhead on the projector. I'm gonna just say I'll probably steal that idea for my own wedding. It was fantastic getting to know you and all your family & friends. What a great group of people!
You guys are going to have an amazing life together. I can tell. I like to call my self an expert now. I know, i's a gift. But you guys have it. Don't be strangers please!

Salute & Congratulations.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dale & Stephanie } St. Patrick's Church, San Francsico

Hey Newlyweds! I'm excited to share these photos with you. You were both troopers battling the cold and fog up on Corona Heights but I think all the work paid off. I know we only had 3 short hours together but we still managed to get some great shots. I'm also personally *very* happy I finally got the opportunity to shoot a wedding at St. Patrick's Church. What a beautiful place. Please keep in touch and congratulations again!