Saturday, September 26, 2009

anna + mike } clark, colorado.

oh where to start ....i must say that individually mike and anna are just awesome people. They are both creative, generous, witty and definitely goofy. Together they are an explosion of fun. For example, they love to jump. they love to sing and dance and play the ukulele. they also drink whiskey on rainy days, especially their own. .... wedding day.
I've learned to read people pretty well spending all this time with them on their big day. You never quite know how things will unfold (or how couples will react) when the itinerary becomes a piece of scrap paper or a shield against the elements. Needless to say anna and mike's wedding day was full of all kinds of "fun" little surprises ( and if you couldn't tell already i use 'fun' as in crazy, impulsive and/or unpredictable). By noon we were on to plan "d" and not once, and here's my point to all this, was there a fuss, a ruckus or scene of any sort. not once. even when it almost snowed in August. Admittedly, if placed in a similar scenario i can't say for sure i'd come out the better person. But they were a team. making decisions on the fly, laughing and jumping around when they had the chance. like i said - a big explosion of fun. cheers you two. and big hugs to all of your wonderful family and friends. hope to see you soon!

you can see their webshow here:

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Maloneyville said...

Thank your Traci and Molly for those beautiful photos of a memorable day... the 'ought 9' weddin. This one no one will forget. There were no guests at this weddin, only participants.
Tom and Carolyn Maloney (Anna's folks)