Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Caitlin + Sasha } Hidden Villa, Ca

I knew after meeting Cate and Sasha, I really wanted to work with them. It seemed liked a really good fit. I was right. Hidden Villa was the venue and without even trying, it was such a beautiful ceremony and reception. Everything just seemed to flow naturally all day and the sunset over the Santa Cruz mountains ....pffft...magic.

In all honestly, I felt that this day was not about the details, the food and the place (although all of these things were absolutely amazing) but i think the best part of this wedding, and most memorable for me, was that your family and friends wanted nothing more than to celebrate the two of you. That's it. It was real, honest and lovely to witness. You guys are great. I'm honored to have been there and I hope you keep in touch.

you can see Cate and Sasha's webshow here.

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angel corpus christi said...

gorgeous gorgeous photos. well done!