Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rebecca + Nathan } City Hall, San Francisco

This fabulous wedding was short but oh-so sweet! Honestly, I can't believe we had less than 3 hours together! Regardless though, I think we managed to pull it off and capture some great memories. I have to thank you for following my, sometimes crazy, requests to climb buildings and such. You guys were fantastic. I really hope to see you again soon!

You can see their webshow here.


Flowers- Bud Stop
Dress- Ouma
Restaurant- Spruce
Felted soaps (favors) - SoFino


Eric Law said...
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Eric Law said...

Hi Traci,

You really showcased your creativity and at the same time still managed to inspire with these pictures. Effects were used adequately and appropriately and other camera settings have been adjusted to perfection. This is truly a wonderful portfolio!

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer