Thursday, August 7, 2014

Madeline + Kyle } Henry Miller Library, Big Sur, Ca.

Nothing pleases me more than being hired by other creatives. There is a mutual respect for one's process and a sensitivity to what it takes to seize such a thing and claim it by putting your own mark on it. Madeline & Kyle are no exception, in fact, this is by far the most photos I've ever blogged for one wedding. Everywhere I looked there was some detail or some skateboard trick happening. The romantic location doesn't hurt but in my experience, its what happens when you get the right mix of people together with the right amount of creative freedom. When that occurs, I push myself harder because I see the creativity that these two people equally put into it.  At the end of the day, this reciprocal exchange keeps me going.  Well... that and the fact that my assistant and I cut some serious rug with everyone [ dance therapy, haha! ].  We just couldn't leave this crazy-good-time. You guys are incredibly awesome and I wished we lived closer. cheers.

- dress: Alice and Olivia
- veil: vintage
- suit: J Crew
- flowers: I did them ;)
- dinner: Fist of Flour Pizza Co
- dessert: Chile Pies
- officiant: David "Buck" Buckley
- guitarist: Sean McAlindin
- DJ: Brendan Sullivan
- day-of coordinator: Mike Driggs

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Adriana Green said...

These are so beautiful! I cried every time I looked at these. Amazing captures of one of my favorite couples. You can see the love!